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Letters to the editor:

Donna Azarian, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, October 25, 2012

Last week, I received a mailing from State Senate candidate Laurie McKendry in support of the light rail train system for Eden Prairie. Ms. McKendry's mailing further cemented my support for Sen. David Hann.

When 75 percent of Eden Prairie residents have a commute time of 30 minutes or less, is it fiscally smart to spend $1.5 billion dollars for 15 miles of track?

McKendry claims that the LRT will alleviate traffic and boost productivity. Traffic will be snarled for several years while this boondoggle is being built, causing even more traffic and delays. McKendry's same mailer says that she is going to "create incentives" for telecommuting so more people can work from home. Then shy would McKendry support the LRT if she will encourage people to work from home? Oh, the irony.

We already have the South-West Transit bus system, where many buses leave the station half filled.

The economy is horrible and people are struggling. The true cost for a ride on the SW Metro LRT is estimated to be somewhere in the $8-$10 range. At this cost, taxpayers will be subsidizing the LRT forever. Between the Hiawatha, Central, Northstar and Southwest lines, taxpayers will be on the hook for almost a quarter of a billion dollars a year.

Candidates who support the Southwest LRT claim that 60,000 jobs will magically appear when the LRT is built. I cannot get a straight answer from any candidate who supports LRT from where this data is gleaned.

McKendry's support of the LRT tells me that she would support other projects and programs that would waste my hard-earned tax dollars. No thanks.

I proudly support Sen. David Hann, who has always carefully considered and respected his constituents and their tax dollars.

Viola Danciak, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, October 18, 2012

DFL Senate candidate Laurie McKendrie clearly has little positive to say about her own vision, positions, or agenda in her run to replace GOP Senator David Hann. McKendry's misleading statements reflect her own lack of knowledge of how state government works, or assumes you don't understand much, or both.

Claims that Senator Hann voted to increase property taxes is a perfect example of this lack of government knowledge. Property taxes are set by counties, cities and school districts, not state legislators. Hann did not vote to cut the state budget, only voting to reduce the rate of growth. The most recent budget increased spending by $2 billion, but reduced the projected spending by $6.2 billion. Gov. Dayton was salivating to get out of this financial jam by increasing our taxes and continues to call for taking more of our hard-earned money to give to his political cronies.

The SD48 team of Representative Jenifer Loon, Representative Kirk Stensrud, and Senator David Hann refused to pass any such budget. As a result, Governor Dayton elected to shut down the government -- something only the a governor has the authority to do.

McKendry's claims that David Hann shut down government indicates a lack of basic understanding of how government works. Further, she claims that he cut spending on needy women and low income citizens. In reality, Hann increased it by $1.1 billion., just less than initially budgeted. Hann also increased K-12 education spending, voting for an increase of $100/pupil/biennium. To DFL blowhards like McKendry, spending one dollar less than they demand is a "cut" even when actual budgets are increased.

The DFL needs to be challenged to speak truthfully about Senator David Hann's considerable legislative accomplishments instead of demeaning his fine work. Go to http://www.minnesotahousegop.com/100-facts/ for the facts.

John Tyler, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, October 18, 2012

Genuine innovation in health insurance an health care reform is desperately needed in Minnesota, and GOP Sen. David Hann, who chairs the Senate Health Policy Committee and Finance Committee, is providing that leadership. Hann authored the first of its kind legislation to reduce the sots and enhance coverage for the MinnesotaCare Adults Without Children population with incomes between 200 percent and 250 percent of federal poverty. This legislation called the Healthy Minnesota Defined Contribution plan addresses cost, quality, access and portability for this population, and recognized these four features must all be present in all health-care reform if it is indeed to be real reform

Hann authored the Health Care Compact Legislation which would have allowed for multiple states to allow the purchase of individual and group health insurance across state lines to enhance competition in the participating states, without giving up state oversight of local markets.

Hann authored the unified Premium Account legislation to help address the problem of people working multiple part-time jobs but not having access to employer-funding group coverage. By introducing the concept of "defined contribution," employers may contribute dollars to a single account that accepts dollars form multiple sources, making it possible for part-time workers to purchase affordable quality, private an portable health insurance coverage.

Health-care reform that enhances all aspects of care and coverage is complicated, detailed work, but Sen. David Hann is making huge contributions in this challenging area.

George Kissinger, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, October 11, 2012

The no votes cast by State Rep. [Kirk] Stensrud and State Sen. [David] Hann on the new Viking Stadium were the right votes and these two elected officials should be commended for their no votes in this matter. The new Viking Stadium is now reported as a $975 million dollar project and surely will cost over $1 billion dollars once completed.

This over-the-top, and frivolous, stadium expenditure is being made in a time of spiraling public debt, bloated tax burdens and the ever increasing size, wastefulness and intrusiveness of government at all levels. Mr. Stensrud and Mr. Hann are cited now for their commendable anti-stadium votes because this exemplifies their overall fiscal responsibility in representing the people and taxpayers of their districts and the state of Minnesota - something that must be kept in mind Nov. 6.


Jeffrey Simon, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, October 11, 2012

We are coming up to a truly major choice election. We will not simply be choosing candidates, but choosing the direction for our city, our state and country. A look at the issues, positions and rhetoric of the two sides is very revealing.

The general pattern is that conservatives such as Brad Aho and Jon Duckstad for the Eden Prairie City Council, Jenifer Loon and Kirk Stensrud for the Minnesota House, and David Hann for the Minnesota Senate all serve the interests of all of the taxpayers in their balanced approach to local government. I have had the privilege of getting to know each of these fine people and can couch for their integrity, dedication and hard work. As all are in office or have been, I have seen what they stand for through their actions.

How do they bring balanced government? They deliver a balance between the best that government can offer while at the same time realizing that government, just as every business, every church and every civic organization has to deal with limited financial resources. I have never, ever heard one of them say that an expenditure was so good that we should make our children and grand children pay for it because we want it now.

While the opposition may not explicitly make such statements either, in effect that is only because they want to hide this ugly part of their agenda. Their agenda seems to be to grow government and dependence, while confiscating an ever-increasing share of the fruits of the productive members of society, so they can “spread it around.” Just as at the state and national level.

Thus we have a clear choice in this election between responsible, good government, and the failed policies of the big-government dependency creators.

Endorsements and Recognition:

Minnesota School Boards Association

“Minnesota School Boards Association would like to thank you for your work at the Legislature on behalf of Minnesota students. You are one of MSBA's Super Heroes of Education 2012! ”

Read more


National Federation of Independent Business Guardian of Small Business Award

“The state's largest small business association, the National Federation of Independent Business, today announced that Senator David Hann of Eden Prairie was awarded the prestigious Guardian of Small Business Award.”

Read more


Aging Services PAC

“Aging Services PAC, the political arm of Aging Services of Minnesota, is pleased to endorse your candidacy. The announcement of your endorsement was sent to over 1,000 members of Aging Services of Minnesota.”

Read more

Eden Prairie Chamber Government Leadership Council

“We are pleased to let you know that the Eden Prairie Chamber Government Leadership Council has endorsed you for the upcoming election. We will be submitting a press release to our local papers and please feel free to use the endorsement.”


TwinWest Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee

“Thank you for your continued strong support of the business community... Congratulations, and best wishes in the 2010 election and beyond!”

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Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC

“We have the confidence that you are the kind of pro-business leader to lead Minnesota's economic recovery.”

Read more here
Read press release here

Minnesota Business Partnership

“Your continued efforts to give school boards more authority to control their expenditures, manage personnel and conduct regular evaluations of teacher and principal effectiveness ... will remain critical factors in helping ensure the continued quality of our schools.”

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Minneapolis Police and Peace Officers Association

“It is our hope that this endorsement will advance your candidacy and that you will be successful in your efforts to retain your seat in the Minnesota State Senate”

Read more

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life State PAC

“Our endorsement is based on your 100% voting record since your last election and your continued commitment to the pro-life cause, as evident from your responses on the 2010 MCCL State Legislative Candidate Questionnaire.”

Read more


Senate District 48 Republican Party

Senator David Hann received unanimous endorsement from the Senate District 48 Republican Party at their convention on Saturday, March 17, 2012

For more information, please visit the SD48 GOP Website


Fred Koppelman, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, August 23, 2012

We've lived in Eden Prairie for 34 years and I have never been happier with the two people representing us in the state Legislature than I am with Rep. Kirk Stensrud and Sen. David Hann.

Minnesota has been under the thumb of the DFL's tax-and-spend policies for as long as I can remember. Finally in 2011 we have a Legislature that has said, "Hold everything! Let's start looking at the things that people need rather than satisfying each other's spending appetite."

Past Legislatures, all under DFL control, have spent and spent their way to a $1 billion deficit in 2007. As if that isn't enough, the deficit sank to $5.4 billion in 2009 and $6.2 billion 2010. How's that for fiscal responsibility?

In just one session with people like Stensrud and Hann, the GOP Legislature turned that record deficit into a $1.2 billion surplus. Kirk Stensrud authored legislation that resulted in finding 3,400 people receiving health coverage who were not entitled to it. This saved us tax payers $10 million to $22 million per year. This, of course over the objection of the DFL and some of the unions.

How refreshing to have a Legislature seeking out wasteful spending instead of trying to get their hands deeper into our pockets. We need to keep Hann and Stensrud right where they are. Vote Republican this November and keep the adults in charge of state government.

Bonnie Gasper, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, October 07, 2010

I whole-heartedly support Republican-endorsed David Hann for re-election to the Minnesota State Senate. He is a principled man of great integrity who has never twisted in the political winds. His astute mind, careful analysis and ability to articulate his positions in a respectful and convincing manner are but a few evidences of his effective leadership on the Senate floor and in committee. His thoughtful reasoning is a refreshing contrast to the knee-jerk, sensationalized rhetoric of the liberal DFL-controlled Senate.

Senator Hann stands firm against the tax and spend mentality. Minnesota cannot afford this status quo. We need real systemic solutions so we don't wind up bankrupt like California. The very last thing Eden Prairie can afford is to send Ron Case, an uninspired tax-and-spend liberal, beholden to the teachers' union and all other DFL interest groups to Saint Paul.

Government takes private wealth ... it doesn't create any.

If voters allow big government liberals like Case, unfettered control of our education and health-care systems, we will face certain financial collapse. There is a point at which high taxation really becomes government theft. When there are more people riding in the wagon than there are pulling it ... I think we've been had.

If you believe in real leadership in the areas of freedom, integrity, equal opportunity, and hope, Senator Hann is your man. Please thank Senator David Hann by returning him to Saint Paul as our Minnesota State Senator for Senate District 48.

Bev Aho, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, September 30, 2010

Please help re-elect David Hann to the Minnesota State Senate. His outstanding leadership and well-reasoned, detailed approach to problem solving has served us well during his tenure in the Senate -- and that is exactly what we need during this difficult economic time. We could not find a more committed, conservative voice for Eden Prairie and Minnetonka than Senator Hann.

Since first being elected to the State Senate in 2002, Hann has been recognized by the Minnesota School Board Association for his service to education in the Legislature, and has been named "Best Friend of the Taxpayer" four times by the Taxpayer's League. David's experience has also enabled him to serve effectively as a member of the Senate's Education Committee, the Health Housing and Family Security Committee, the Agriculture and Veterans Committee, and the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

This year, when there seems to be a strong anti-incumbent attitude among voters, it is important for us to differentiate those officials who have served us well. David is among the best and deserves our vote. Please join me in re-electing David Hann to the Minnesota State Senate.

David Johnson, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, August 26, 2010

This last week the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce PAC announced their endorsements for November. Their purpose is to endorse candidates whose platforms support private enterprise and work to improve economic conditions in the Twin Cities metro area and statewide. There were seven Republcans on the list including Senator David Hann and Kirk Stensrud (the only non-elected official on the list). There were also three Democrats endorsed. Maria Ruud was not one of them.

Ruud's supporters have written about her supposed work for small business, but her record of voting for tax hikes, even during a recession, and wasting our tax dollars on non-essentials like $160,000 to show teachers hoe to use a digital camera outdoors and $372,000 for bird breeding maps (HJP12688, 86th session) shows why local businesses, chambers, and taxpayers have had enough of Maria Ruud's actions. And it's no wonder why, with actions like this as our representative, the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce PAC chose to endorse her Republican opponent, Kirk Stensrud over her.

Ruud and her supporters can speak all they want about how she's voted for this bill or that, sat on this committee or that, or promotes some feel-good program at our expense. But the facts are that Maria Ruud is no friend of the taxpayer or store owner and this endorsement is truly an indictment of her values and actions as our representative. Maria Ruud is bad for business and business owners in Eden Prairie and Minnetonka know it.


Roger Jorgenson, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, August 26, 2010

Eden Prairie needs to re-elect Republican-endorsed David Hann to the Minnesota State Senate. I have had the opportunity to observe Senator Hann on the Senate floor, on television, and in committee. He brings a very detailed mind and asks the tough questions needed when crafting legislation. His is a voice of thoughtful reason amid the liberal DFL Minneapolis/Saint Paul legislator-controlled Minnesota Senate. I am grateful to David for running as I knoow the frustrations are immense when attempting to buck the tide of the tax-and-spend mentality that prevails in the DFL-controlled Minnesota Senate. The last thing Eden Prairie needs to do is send another teacher's union representative like Ron Case to Saint Paul to help the inner city liberals obtain further control of our educational, healthcare, and farming systems.

We have followed Hann since his days on the Eden Prairie School Board. His balanced and reasoned approach to problem-solving the key issues at hand gives us hope for our children's and grandchildren's future.

Senator Hann could not be a more committed, determined or dedicated individual for the causes of freedom, integrity, opportunity and hope in state government. Rather than looking for further government controls over our education, farming, and healthcare systems. David seeks to lessen the strangling burdens of bureacracy, taxation, and over-regulation. He speaks out in an informed, articulate fashion that makes me proud he is my state senator and proud to vote for him this fall to return to the Senate again next year.


David Johnson, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, July 29, 2010

Senator Al Franken likely owes his Senate victory to felons. With a razor-thin victory over Sen. Norm Coleman in 2008 of just 312 votes, we have recently discovered that felons convicted of crimes such as murder, rape, robbery and aggrivated assaults may have given Democrats the filibuster-proof 60th vote that allowed Obamacare to pass.

Minnesota voters have good reason to be concerned. Without free and fair elections, we are no longer a democracy.

Vote fraud is bad for democracy. Democrats say they oppose it, yet they refuse to take action to stop it. The reason? By allowing people to vote multiple times or allowing felons and non-citizens to vote, the DFL increasies their numbers and is able to steal elections.

Photo IDs are required for driving vehicles, buying alcohol or cigarettes, applying for Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, food stamps, applying for a library card, boarding airplanes, entering government buildings, registering at school, getting student loans, renting movies and cashing checks. But you don't have to show ID to exercise our most important right as American citizens -- the right to vote.

Is that fair? Democrat Maria Ruud seems to think so.

In May 2006, she voted against requiring ID to vote (HF 1443). In fact, of all the Democrats in the Minnesota House, only three supportedrequiring an ID to vote. As American Express said for decades: "membership has its priviledges". And the greatest priviledge of American citizernship is the right to vote. But Maria Ruud and Democrtas across our state refuse to secure this foundational right against fraud.

Vote fraud is a problem. Without honest elections, our democracy will not work.

The recent Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform (headed by Republican James Baker and Democrat Jimmy Carter) made 87 recommendations to make our elections more fair and honest. One of their main recommendations: require people to show ID before voting.

According to Rasmussen, an overwhelming majority of Americans favor requiring an ID to vote. Opposition to voter fraud cuts across age, gender, race and party affiliation. Yes, even rank-and-file Democrats support voter ID.

Every time a fraudulent vote is counted, your vote is diminished and your right is stolen. Stand up for your rights and your vote. Vote for Kirk Stensrud, David Hann, and Jenifer Loon in November.

David Johnson, Eden Prairie
Reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, July 01, 2010

Rather than send yet another teachers' union rubber stamp as Senate District 48's Senate representative to Saint Paul, let's thank Sen. David Hann for his fine work by returning him there for another term. A vital area of effort has been in healthcare. Sen. Hann sits on the Senate Health Policy Committee and consistently attempts to bring financial sanity to a Senate world totally lacking it.

The chairman of this committee is Sen. John Marty who authored "The Minnesota Health Plan". It is a Canadian/British style single-payer healthcare legislation with an estimated price tag of a certain $15 billion and probably closer to $30 billion in new taxes. It will place us on Medical Assistance-style healthcare that pays healthcare providers 17 to 42 cents on their earned dollar. This is the same system that has failed both the UK and Canada, bringing each to the brink of insolvency.

In contrast, Sen Hann authored legislation to privatize MinnesotaCare using private sector policies that pay providers commercial carrier rates and would have saved $112 million dollars over the next two years. This concept projected an additional $1.12 billion in savings per year. It was voted down on straight party lines by the DFL. We need to put Sen. Hann in charge of the Health Policy Committee by helping Republicans win a majority there in November. And the first step in doing that is to send Sen. Hann back to Saint Paul to represent us for another term.

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